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By focusing on finding and eliminating the causes of disease, and promoting preventive medicine, WebWellness home health devices are revolutionizing the approach to solving health problems.

New Bioresonance Testing Device Life Expert 3.0 001

Life Expert 3.0

Latest Life Expert 3.0 device for professional diagnostics of the body state at home. It is able to provide information on the health state in the field of Bioresonance therapy. In a minute it can measure indicators related to the functionality of each organ and organ system.

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Lifa Balance Contact Bioresonance Device Machine 1d

Life Balance Contact

It’s finally here! The long-awaited Life Balance Contact is now available in our store! In this device, endogenic and exogenic effects are combined to provide great results. Because it stimulates the body’s own resources directly, it provides much stronger healing effect.

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Life Balance 2 1 Bioresonance Therapy Device 1d

Life Balance 2.1

Latest version bioresonance therapy device. The system includes 600 preloaded presets and more than 5000 available programs for solving health problems. Parasites and pathogens can be effectively treated with this machine. Life Balance 2.1 ensures that organs and systems work in harmony with each other.

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Life Balance 1 0 Bioresonance Device Machine For Sale 1a

Life Balance 1.0

With the help of electromagnetic waves, Life Balance uses bioresonance therapy to heal your body naturally. It has therapeutic effects and destroys pathogens and parasites’ toxins. You can stay healthy and maintain an energy balance by harmonizing organs and systems.

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Water 01

Life Water

Welcome to the world of Life Water, the ultimate solution for high-quality, safe, and healthy water that nourishes your body and promotes a long and vibrant life. Our structured hydrogen water generator is a unique device designed to provide you with an unlimited supply of living water – your source of vitality!

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Life Beauty Led Facial Light Therapy Machine Device 1d

Life Beauty

LED facial device Life Beauty combines light therapy with bioresonance in one compact unit. In the comfort of your own home, Life Beauty offers facial skincare, anti-aging treatments, deep muscle relaxation, and lymphatic drainage.

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Life Animal Bioresonance Device Brt Machine For Your Pet 1

Life Animal

A safe and effective way to maintain the health and wellbeing of your pets. A Life Animal bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic waves to kill pathogenic microorganisms in animals.

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Life Air Anionic Air Steriliser 1d

Life Air

An anionic air sterilizer that is able to create a reliable protection around you, improve air quality, purify it from viruses, harmful bacteria and impurities by 99% in just a few minutes
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