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Life Expert 3.0


Latest Life Expert 3.0 device for professional diagnostics of the body state at home. It is able to provide information on the health state in the field of Bioresonance therapy. In a minute it can measure indicators related to the functionality of each organ and organ system.

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Life Expert 3.0 is a device for professional diagnostics of the body state at home. In addition, it is able to provide information on the health state in the field of Bioresonance therapy. It will take less than a minute to measure indicators related to the functionality of each organ and organ system. In conclusion, users are given recommendations on how to stabilize their condition and improve indicators.

With Life Expert 3.0, you will have to visit the family doctor much less frequently. You will also be able to monitor your health and the health of loved ones daily.

Thanks to the most advanced functions of Bioresonance therapy, a positive effect on the human body occurs, the immune system is strengthened, and overall well-being improves. In addition, the device provides support for the hormonal balance in the body, facilitates the course of allergic reactions, and eliminates viruses and harmful bacteria.

The bioresonance testing device provides a niche for connecting the cardiograph board, the release of which is scheduled for next year. And then the Webwellness program will open up a lot of new possibilities for reporting on the state of the cardiovascular system: determining the state of the heart and blood vessels, their functions, as well as diseases, and their causes.


    Bioresonance susceptibility
    Recommendations for water consumption
    Recommended date of the following test
    AutoComplex for Immune Prophylaxis and it’s strengthening
    Life Expert 3.0 subscription is paid
    Selection of preparations on several digital copies
    A gift of 50€ for WebWellness balance replenishment



Technology does not stand still, and the new device – up-to-date and improved – opens new opportunities:

    The body’s susceptibility to BRT, is self-diagnosis without hospitals and doctors.
    Multi-test to check the condition of all organs and systems.
    Determining the recommended date for the next test is important for regular self-examination and timely detection of possible pathologies.
    Auto complex for disease prevention and immunity strengthening to maintain good health. The program also includes an auto complex for the prevention of allergic reactions to external stimuli.
    Selection of recommended preparations using one or more electronic copies.
    Recommendations for drinking water – you will find the optimal drinking balance in accordance with the needs of the body.

What is the most valuable thing about it? Everyone can carry such diagnostics without visiting hospitals, having a medical education, or other specific conditions. An up-to-date device itself will tell you the right way to harmony with yourself and your physical health.



Life Expert 3.0 as a new generation device is distinguished by higher speed of test performance. The new elemental base gives an opportunity to decrease time of rapid test performance to 25 seconds.

    Carrying out functional diagnostics of the body as a whole and all 47 organs separately.
    Determination of the biological age of a person.
    Determination of body mass index.
    In automatic mode, an individual complex is compiled for the version of the Life Balance device.
    The presence of a special container allows you to pick up preparations, vitamin complexes, and diet.
    Individual intolerance to any food product is discovered, according to the test results, food, medicines, cosmetics, and dietary supplements are selected.

The “Life Expert Natural Biosystems Testing Device” is not a medical device and cannot be used to make or confirm a diagnosis of a natural biosystems disorder and it is intended for self-use by people at home.


47 organs and systems are scanned and tested with Life Expert 3.0 bioresonance testing machine. As a result, parasitic loads are revealed, drugs and products are selected, and health improvement programs are created for each individual.

We also offer medical support. Doctor Svitlana Tancura is a physician epidemiologist, Spanish naturopathic association FENAGO n. Member 3616, an expert in electromagnetic therapy and health correction and Bioresonance specialist. Svitlana has many years of experience working with people with eating disorders and people with mental health problems, such as stress and depression.

A physical condition report is provided, personal programs are drawn up, and recommendations are given. A person receives personal programs for treatment with the Webwellness system and recommendations for 12 months, depending on the health condition just €150.

    2 years Warranty
    Worldwide shipping
    Yearly software updates
    Supports 16 languages
    Free training and Lifetime support


The Life Expert testing device has a unique mechanism for self-improvement and self-learning. In addition to improving testing systems, neural networks can learn from previous diagnoses and provide options for eliminating health issues.

One scan with Life Expert 3.0 can be as effective as 20-30 different specialist doctor visits, as every organ and system in your body can be investigated for proper function, pathogen, and toxin accumulation, while you sit comfortably at home.

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Bioresonance Device Harmonization Of Human Body System Operation



It is possible to identify the functioning of 47 organs and 9 bodily systems using the Life Expert 3.0 Vegeto Resonance Test. During an express test, the level of conductivity of segments is determined, along with dysfunctions within specific systems. It is also possible to conduct a medicine and food tolerance test. WebWellness is a system of automatic complexes – you do not need to be a doctor, with the help of Life Expert and Life Balance devices, you can conduct a comprehensive examination of the body and therapy at home.

Bioresonance Device Fighting Parasites And Eliminating Toxins



A detailed report is generated in the WebWellnes application by comparing them to millions of parameters. Using a diagram, the program presents the condition of 47 organs and systems, reporting any parasites suspected. There is an analysis of the spine, chakra, and aurogram disturbances. Medication allergy tests and other parameters are evaluated in the report.

Bioresonance Device Recovers Human Body Energy Balance



The algorithm begins by detecting deviations from the norm. A comparison is made with the results of previous tests. Then programs are generated to detoxify your body and eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and infections. In order to heal dysfunctional organs, harmony healing programs are compiled. The Life Expert 3.0 bioresonance therapy machine automatically creates your personal health complex based on the results of AI analysis.

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The correct way to use the Life Expert 3.0 bioresonance testing device:

    Read the detailed setup instructions before you start
    Register the patient in the WebWellness software
    Connect the electrodes to the device
    Attach electrodes to the head and arms and place the feet on the metal plates
    Run the test which will take no more than two minutes
    Create an automatic wellness complex
    Load it into the Life Balance device

Please refer to the instructions you received after purchasing the device for more information. You will get full usage instructions after the purchase. We will also provide personalized advice and support.

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Life Expert vega testing machine has a wide range of possibilities for testing your body’s parameters. It can be used by naturopaths, alternative medicine doctors, and non-professionals who can take advantage of the functionality of the device.

By using the Life Expert 3.0 bioresonance machine, you can choose the best diet for you. This device detects enzyme deficiencies and performs Voll testing, and passive BRT meridian correction.

Your body can be tested for vitamin and amino acid malabsorption using Life Expert 3.0. Using it, you can find out what toxic loads are on your system and determine your biological age as well as what factors may lead to increased aging.

With the WebWellness system, test results are analyzed using artificial intelligence using cloud software. The system has a subscription fee of 50 euros per month for its new Life Expert device.

It is possible to subscribe with WebWellness directly in the software using one of these deals:

• 50€ per month
• 365€ per year

The program will not allow you to do new tests and use the program if you have no funds on your account. You will have to replenish the account balance in order to do new tests. We will securely store all of your data until that time.

Device supports 16 languages. There are the following languages supported by the device: English, Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hebrew, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Kyrgyz.

It measures electrical conductivity at biologically active points in your body associated with 47 organs and systems. During the test, electrodes are attached to the patient’s head and limbs. Device registers impulses, which are processed by an artificial intelligence server. After the testing is completed, the results are presented to the user.

Life Expert patient testing should not be used to make medical diagnoses or conclusions. It is not intended to make medical diagnoses. This method facilitates the detection of malfunctions in organs and systems that need to be confirmed by classical examination methods. Acute or life-threatening diseases should be diagnosed and treated by your medical doctor.

Consider a blood pressure monitor as an analogy for how bioresonance scanning devices work. When we measure our pressure in a relaxed state, it will show normal blood pressure and If we measure blood pressure after a jog it will be higher. An express test on electro-dermal resistance of biologically active points is similar to 47 blood pressure monitors, each measuring a different organ which shows slightly different results at each measure.

However, even within one day, the picture can change depending on the conditions. As your body’s functioning changes, BRT scanning indicators change as well. This confirms the effectiveness of the bioresonance technique.

It is not always the case that diseases, infections, or infestations have a significant impact on organs or systems immediately, but it may take a while for them to show their impact.

As the data obtained by scanning must be processed by a central server in order to generate test results, the software of the bioresonance scanning device only works when your computer is connected to the Internet.

To ensure that the software works properly, your computer must meet the following requirements:

Intel processor 1 GHz or higher;
RAM at least 2 Gb:
Hard disk drive (min. 5 Gb):
USB port:
SVGA display with video adapter resolution at least 1378 x 733. optimally 1920 by 1080
Windows 10, Android or MacOs
Constant, stable Internet connection at a speed not less than 0.5 Mb/s.



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Our recommendation is to use Life Balance with the Life Expert 3.0 bioresonance testing device. As a result of such combined use, pathological changes in organs can be complexly tested and corrected.

To precisely diagnose organ disorders, you need the Life Expert 3.0 series device. In addition to detecting pathogens, the device also detects parasitic invasions. Life Expert’s bioresonance testing device creates automatic correction tasks based on detected changes. Afterwards, this correction program is loaded into the Life Balance bioresonance therapy machine and used to heal the body.

It is also possible to manually insert the necessary programs into the Life Balance device separately.

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