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Bioresonance Therapy Devices for All Family from Toddlers up to Your Beloved Pets

You do not need to be a doctor or have a medical background, with the help of Life Expert and Life Balance devices you can conduct a comprehensive examination of the body and therapy at home





Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace the convenience, accuracy, and empowerment that Life Expert offers.

Immediate results, Personalised Recommendations

With Life Expert 3.0, you can measure the functionality of each organ and organ system in less than a minute. No more waiting rooms or guesswork. It’s like having a personal doctor in your pocket!

Early Detection Made Easy

Life Expert devices excel in the non-invasive, fast and early detection of cellular changes. Stay ahead of potential health issues with hassle-free and timely assessments.

Personalised Recommendations

Based on the analysis results, the Life Expert device helps you choose appropriate drugs, vitamins and products tailored to your body’s needs.

Automatically Generated Complexes

Using bioresonance technology, the Life Expert system creates an automatically generated complex for the Life Balance device. The complex address your specific health needs, providing targeted therapy and support for optimal well-being. Enjoy the convenience of a personalised complex tailored just for you.

Constant Evolution to Meet Your Needs

Life Expert 3.0 is committed to meeting your ever-changing needs. Soon you’ll be able to expand its capabilities by connecting the cardiograph board. Monitor your cardiovascular system, detect heart and blood vessel conditions, identify diseases and understand their causes – all with the remarkable power of this device.

Save Time and Money

Forget about the countless doctor visits and expensive medical tests. Life Exper allows you to monitor your family’s health without needing multiple appointments. Investing in the Life Expert and Life Balance devices means investing in your family’s long-term health and well-being.

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    • Having been in the bioresonance technologies market for more than 20 years

    • A total of 3.000 ready-made antiparasitic and therapeutic programs are available

    • Detects the biological activity of microflora, and the presence of viruses, bacteria, and parasites with details of location and their degree of damaging effect on the organism

    • Treatment of infection with viruses, bacteria, and parasites is effective, fast, and highly individualized

    • A rapid diagnosis of 47 organs and body systems is performed, and the appropriate medications and supplements are selected

    • Multilingual – 16 languages are supported by the devices

    • Test every individual remedy, medication, food, cosmetics, etc on each person to detect exactly what evokes a high sensitivity, allergic or intolerant response

    • Treatment with Bioresonance and using individually prepared complexes which are tailor-made for every individual client

Health Diagnostic Machines


Using bioresonance, the device scans more than 70 organs and systems of the body, detecting many disorders at an early stage. The bioresonance scanner allows you to get a health checkup without having to visit a doctor. A system selects the best supplements, cosmetics, food, and medication for each individual.

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The WebWellness software automatically creates therapy complexes based on the test results. Through regular use of the bioresonance device, in a short period of time, it can improve health without the use of medications, which often cause more harm than good to the body.

Health Diagnostics Machines Bioresonance Buy


The WebWellness devices allow you to monitor the organism’s performance regularly and maintain your family’s health on a daily basis. Reducing fatigue and stimulating the immune system are benefits of using bioresonance machines regularly.

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What Health Problems Can Bioresonance Therapy Devices Help With

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It is now possible to use bioresonance technology at home and to improve your health and prolong your life. You can choose from a wide range of bioresonance machines to find the perfect health assistant for you.

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All cells in the body are capable of emitting electromagnetic waves called bioresonance. Harmonic oscillations occur in the body under normal conditions, while disharmonic oscillations occur under pathological conditions.

By adjusting the frequencies of cells to healthy organ frequencies, electromagnetic harmonizing frequencies can be produced.

It is a lengthy and expensive process to treat severe chronic diseases. Pills are usually used to control the symptoms of the disease, but they rarely lead to positive results in traditional medicine.

Bioresonance therapy, on the other hand, has the unique property of being a very useful tool in fighting chronic diseases. Bioresonance therapy machines target the cause of the health problem, eliminating toxins and harmful agents from the body.

By adjusting damaged tissues’ electromagnetic fields to the vibration frequency of healthy structures, it also restores the functioning of all the organs. Using these devices, it is possible to select medicines, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements that coincide with the frequency characteristics of damaged cells. There is no need to overpay for supplements that don’t work.

Modern bioresonance machines were developed as a result of impressive scientific discoveries. Electrical resistance can be measured from bioactive points of the skin using Life Expert Profi bioresonance devices. Afterward, they are compared to reference frequencies using artificial intelligence.

Using neural networks, WebWellness identifies the condition of each organ in the body. In less than one minute, an automatic bioresonance health program is created based on the results of a test and can be downloaded into the Life Balance treatment device. Life Balance emits special low electromagnetic wave frequencies that resonate with parasitic oscillations (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and helminths) to eliminate them and their toxins. Additionally, it maintains our tone and provides support for our organs and systems to function as they should.

Bioresonance machines cannot treat acute, life-threatening diseases and injuries. Bioresonance therapy is used in subacute and recovery phases as part of complex treatment. See your doctor if your condition deteriorates suddenly and you feel severe pain. This is a situation in which bioresonance can be used as an auxiliary therapy tool.

In Life Balance, two antennas generate waves with frequencies of 27.12 MHz and 10 KHz. Carrier frequencies are considered to be “windows of transparency” for the human body. Impulses do not vibrate cells or heat organ tissues. There is no extra energy introduced by electromagnetic waves or stress applied to tissues as a result of electromagnetic waves.

Because of this, bioresonance therapy devices are considered to be the safest for patients. Vibrations are introduced into the body through the carrier frequency. Antiparasitic antennas operate between 0.1 Hz and 100 kHz. The operating frequency range of a harmonizing antenna is between 0.1 and 100 Hz. It is safer to use these devices than to listen to radio broadcasts at frequencies between 80 and 100 MHz.

WebWellness devices are similar to smartphones. If you are familiar with smartphones, you will know how to use them. After purchasing the devices, you will receive video instructions and support from our team.

Clients can communicate with us in a special chat or we can arrange a video call in which we answer all your questions in detail.

The Products section provides detailed information about each bioresonance device and their usage.



In bioresonance, DNA damage leads to altered electromagnetic waves emitted by unhealthy cells or organs. The detection of these waves can be used to diagnose disease, while the re-induction of these waves can be used to treat disease.

Using bioresonance, electrodes are placed on the skin and attached to a machine that “reads” the body’s energy wavelengths.

Do you want to buy Bioresonance device but have some questions? Please be free to contact us and we will answer all the questions for you!


Our WebWellness bioresonance machines are already appreciated by thousands of users around the world.


View our range of Bioresonance Therapy Devices and choose one that perfectly suits your needs.

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